Semi-Annual Clean Up Week is starts this week from March 27th through March 31st. This is one of two occasions that many residents in Tabor City  look forward to. The other 50 weeks of the year our residents are required to haul their junk items to the Columbus County Solid Waste Center near the community of Moline. Residents can place their junk items curbside for free pick-up. Follow these simple guidelines: First, please call the Town Office at 910-653-3458 to let them know that you will be placing items curbside. This allows the town to better prepare and set the schedule route for pick-ups during that week. Don’t forget that there are some items that cannot be picked up because the landfill won’t accept them. Those items include building materials and scrap, automobile parts, hazardous wastes, and electronic equipment. Typically, what is placed curbside is old furniture, clothing items, and things that are too large to fit into your plastic cart each week. Our Public Works Department will collect several tons of junk items during that week. So, get organized and start your spring cleaning this week!