The Golden LEAF foundation has announced funding under three phases of the SITE Program including “Identification, Due Diligence, and Development.”

We’re happy to announce that the Town of Tabor City has been awarded funding under the Development phase of the SITE Program.

Funding will consist of $375,000 for updated due diligence and grading costs for a lot in the Tabor City Industrial Park.

“The need for industrial sites, especially in rural areas, was a gap identified in our strategic planning process,” said Don Flow, Golden LEAF Board Chair. “As we have seen, ready sites are no longer a luxury but a necessity to move at the speed of business. The second round of SITE Program projects will help prepare North Carolina for these economic growth opportunities.”

Tabor City’s was one of seven North Carolina projects, which previously completed the due diligence necessary to demonstrate that our site was suitable for development. The SITE Program – Development funding is for publicly owned sits, clearing and rough grading.


More information about the Golden LEAF Foundation, this funding is available here. Plus the Golden LEAF Foundation also announced an approval of $1.75 million in funding for North Carolina Community College System scholarships Program which can be found here.