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Expanded Published Notice per N.C.G.S 160D-602(b)


For the new Town of Tabor City Development Ordinance & Official Zoning Map

Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Hearing will be held at the Ritz Center, 213 Hickman Road, Tabor City, NC 28463

The Town of Tabor City is expecting growth as North Carolina continues to exceed the national averages. In preparation for the effects of growth in the Town, the Mayor & Town Council have directed the preparation of a new Tabor City Development Ordinance to replace the existing zoning, subdivision, and flood ordinances with a new format that modernizes standards & specifications for land use, development, and new subdivisions. The Tabor City Development Ordinance was completed and recommended by the Planning Board on June 23, 2022 to manage development in an orderly and desirable manner. Now it is time to formally establish new standards & specifications for such development through the adoption of the Tabor City Development Ordinance. The Mayor & Town Council invite you to attend a public legislative hearing to learn about the new Tabor City Development Ordinance and to share your comments. The new Tabor City Development Ordinance (TCDO) draft is available for inspection at the Town Hall during normal business hours and may be viewed anytime on the Town’s website:

Hearing impaired persons requiring assistance should contact the Town Clerk (910) 653-3458 at least 24 hours prior to the hearing to request special accommodations.